Pre-Foundation Phase

Learners in the Pre-Foundation Phase are learners who need very high levels of support – i.e. these are learners that are assessed and found not to be able to meet the demands of the adapted program followed at the Foundation Phase. Learners from age 6 to 18 can be in this phase. Classes are small and follow a program that focusses on basic life skills and social skills.

Skills that are taught include self-care tasks such as dressing, washing, brushing teeth, feeding and toileting. Learners are taught to do basic household chores like washing dishes, sweeping and picking up papers. Communication and social skills would include teaching the learners how to indicate their basic needs appropriately and how to appropriately play and interact with other children.

Activities are designed to stimulate fine and gross motor skill development.

Learners in the Pre-Foundation Phase are included in a selected range of co-curricular activities.