Our Staff

Thuthukani Special School has a dedicated, hardworking group of staff members who carry the learners in their hearts every day. In addition to the guidance from the Department of Education, the school also operates under the capable guidance of a School Governing Body, consisting of the Principal, staff & parent representatives as well as representatives from sponsoring bodies and experts in the field of disability.

Our staffing consists of the principal with her management team, educators, class assistants, occupational therapists, nurses and other support staff. We are blessed to have volunteer staff members who make up the staffing complement.

Due to the level of support needed by our learners with intellectual and other dissabilities we try to keep the ratio of 8 learners to 1 adult.

As a school for learners with intellectual disability, Thuthukani strongly supports staff development. Each new educater receives an induction which covers the framework of South Africa's policy on inclusion, as well as the use and philosophy of the CLASSIC. This course includes lesson plans and preparation, especially how to differentiate each lesson to include and accommodate each learner optimally within the scope of the CLASSIC. Refresher courses are run where the need exists. Class assistants are included in specific training sessions for skill building and development.

Members of staff are encouraged and assisted to attend training courses run by the Department of Education as well other institutions or private bodies. The educators who attend are then expected to filter the training they have received down to the rest of the staff in specially arranged training sessions.

Mondi Business Paper donated funds to equip a resource centre with books on disability, journals, encyclopaedias, activities, and other research material where educators are given specific time to read up and do extra preparation for lessons. Also available is a computer with internet access where educators get more information on learning and teaching.